What We Offer

Natural Building Books

We offer signed copies of our book Earthbag Building: The Tools, Tricks and Techniques by New Society Publishers.

Earthbag Building is our dirtbag manifesto loaded with over 530 illustrations and photographs detailing step by step instructions for building the FQSS (Fun, Quick, Simple and Solid!) Earthbag system. It includes in-depth techniques for finishing your Earthbag project using natural earthen and lime based plasters, and how to create beautiful earthen floors. $30 plus postage and handling. 


Digital Presentations

We offer digital presentations on subjects related to Natural Building:

Introduction to Natural Building features an overview of Natural Building styles; earthbag, strawbale, light clay straw, stone, timber frame, cob, adobe, rammed earth, wild clay plasters, lime plaster and earthen floors. We also like to share inspirational examples of Small Projects you can do right away and Eco-vation Projects for enhancing a conventional structure with natural materials and energy efficient design choices. Earthbag Building (specific to earthbag building techniques), Earthen Plasters, Lime Plaster and Adobe Floors or any combo specific to your interests are samples of presentations we custom build to suit each venue.

Presentation Fee: $300 for a 2 hour action packed presentation plus mileage costs for travel over 50 miles.  Our presentations are loaded with hundreds of colorful images, plus stories that convey our knowledge in a fun, engaging experience!


We have 25 years experience teaching Natural Building techniques with an emphasis on Earthbag, Strawbale, Cob, Light Straw Clay, Wattle and Daub, Earthen and Lime Plasters and Earthen Floors. We dig training homebuilders, crews and communities the art of building with natural indigenous materials and learning from you as well!

Consultation Fees: $60 an hour for verbal consultation. We also offer on site training for developing your own wild clay natural plaster recipes and how to apply them. We teach Lime plaster, how to make and apply cob, sculpt adobe wall murals and construct durable earthen floors.

On-Site Training and Workshops: 2 day workshop: $1500. Our fees for workshops and on-site training are negotiable according to the location, length of the job and the fun factor.

We love an excuse to travel, meet new earth loving people, experience new cultures and share the joy of building beautiful relationships with natural materials!



Discover simple efficient layouts for modest natural buildings or we can help you Eco-vate an existing structure, encouraging best choice materials for who-what-where you are, incorporating the benefits of passive solar orientation with mass and insulation, attention to natural light, ease of flow and fabulous kitchens with an eye for function and cost effectiveness.


Adobe Restoration

Doni specializes in Adobe restoration, having taught courses at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah, consultation for private residences and oversight for the preservation of the Historic Star Hall Theatre, a 280 seat, turn of the century hand cut sandstone and adobe music hall in Moab, Utah.


Earthen Plasters

Trial and discovery lead us to develop our own style of earthen plasters using wild harvested clay rich soils and an abundance of various fibers, for protecting strawbale, earthen and just about any kind of wall system in a gratifying one coat, two step process producing a thick, strong, even surface highly resistant to erosion for exterior application and beautiful abrasion resistant earthen plasters for interior walls.


Sculpted Adobe Relief

Kaki loves teaching Sculpted Adobe Relief over the surface of just about anything you can imagine!  We’d love to teach you how to embellish-enhance-enlighten any surface with fanciful wavy patterns or crisp Art Deco motifs that spark your creativity and awaken your connection with Mother Earth.

Learn to Eco-vate a conventional home as we have done with our own stick frame house in Moab, Utah or create an art piece over a Wattle and Daub frame that you can hang anywhere you’d like.


Earthen Floors

Nothing feels more grounded underfoot than an earthen floor!

We teach our favorite hard won technique for building exquisite varnished, durable earthen floors through a process that laminates each layer of applied earth creating a thick clayoleum surface that is durable, gorgeous and easy to clean.


Lime Plaster

Doni is the guy to consult about lime plasters. We first discovered ‘building’ lime in 1996 when a friend of ours turned us onto a waste deposit pit of carbide lime putty left over from the generation of acetylene gas. We then learned to ‘slake’ our own lime putty from quick lime calcined from high calcium limestone kilned at a lime manufacturing plant in Western Utah. But wait, there’s more!

As we grew more confident we developed predictable results using readily available Type-S bagged lime with the addition of a pozzolan to hasten the set time and increase hardening without compromising the ‘breathable’ qualities that lime plaster contributes to keeping a natural wall system healthy.

From practice, patience and paying attention, lime has taught us about its quirks and preferences resulting in successful resilient long lasting protection for exterior natural wall systems and beautiful interior wall finishes where additional water-resistentence is a good idea.

There are about a hundred lime producing plants in the USA. We encourage using USA produced lime products when your project is in the USA! Fear no lime!


Last but not least, we have saved earthbag training for last cuz we’re getting older!

We love the versatility of earthbags! We have been working with earthbags for over 25 years and still appreciate their unique attributes. If your project is designed to be Fun Quick Simple and Solid give us a try!