If you read Our Story, you know that we both come from a background of theater performance and film-making. Our work is strongly inspired by the playful Native American Heyokas [also spelled: Heyokha and Haokah].

The term Heyoka was introduced by Native American Plains tribes to identify those that demonstrated an alternative way that went beyond the accepted norm of tribal society. They were the “Contrarians,” or Sacred Clowns. The role of the Heyoka was to reflect, enlighten and reveal the social dynamics within their communities through enactment, storytelling and tom-foolery. Their power was in their ability to read the emotional underbelly of the community and bring it to everyone’s attention. The Heyoka exposed troubled insides by turning them upside down and right side out for all to see, contemplate and reflect upon.

Their antics provided comic relief during times of despair or confusion, action during times of complacency. By presenting alternative ways of perceiving the world through their relationship with unseen forces, they often harnessed the power to heal emotional disturbances through inspired revelation. They reminded everyone to “follow the path with heart.”

Our passion to inspire that which inspires us is what fuels our own path with heart.

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